Monday, January 17, 2011

Life's Little Treasures

I know that most of my blog has been about bringing you up to speed on where we are in our life today, but today I wanted to share a current event.  Jerry had today off along with the kids for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and we wanted to do something fun with the kids.  Something that in the last few years hasn't been easy for us with the economy and all.  We have had a rough couple of years with Jerry losing his overtime and me staying at home.  Don't get me wrong, we are one of the lucky ones who didn't lose their income completely.  Sometimes, we were struggling to get through the month to the next payday.  Getting paid once a month is hard to manage with 4 kids and all of the EXTRA things that pop up unplanned.  You know, field trips and a turn at snack mom for preschool, roller skating parties for school, a donation here and there for the elementary school.    It all adds up, so the kids learned that we needed all of our money for the things that allowed us to stay in our home and have food and gas for the cars, NO EXTRAS.  It was tough, but actually they conformed quite well to the budget and because of that hard time, I can proudly say that my kids "GET IT".  So, now that times have gotten a little better for us, we try to treat them to something that we had to "give up" during that time.

So, we were sitting at the MJR theatre, with our 3D glasses on, armed with the juice boxes and snacks that I smuggled into the biggest purse I had, (oh, c'mon, don't tell me you all haven't done it).  It cost $42.00 to just get a family of 6 in the door.  The popcorn and candy is like highway robbery.  I don't feel bad in the least.  The lights were dimming and the kids were so excited to see the new YOGI Bear Movie.  Jerry and I, with four seats filled with happy kids between us, looked at each other down the row and through our stretched out, recycled 3D glasses, gave each other a silent affirming smile that we must be the luckiest Mom and Dad in the whole world.  Their laughter was icing on the cake.

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