Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Entire Pot of Coffee!

Journal entry dated September 30, 2004 - Wow.  I am exhausted.  Jacob and Cameron both have the flu.  Cameron has that frightening croup cough as well.  Jerry is out of town and my mom is sick.  "Help, I am drowning!".  Last night the boys were tag team puking and their fevers were not on the same Motrin/Tylenol schedule, so basically, I don't remember ever sleeping much.   Jacob seems to be a little ahead of Cameron in the process.  It is times like right now that I think that I am crazy to want another child.  Three kids with the flu?  I don't think so.  I know that I am gonna get it right about the time they are well.  Jerry won't be back for 3 more days.  This is nuts.  I feel like a ZOMBIE.  Poor little guys.  On one hand, I love how they want to snuggle when they are sick, on the other hand......I need some sleep.  I get scared to get seriously sleep deprived again.  I think that I may need a little medication adjustment anyway.  Sleep is hard to come by around here lately.  We had a long stretch where both kids slept for 12-13 hours straight every night, but now that Jacob is in preschool, he has brought home a virus twice in one month.  Is this how it is when kids are in school?  Constant sickness?  I can't imagine.  I believe that I drank an entire POT of coffee today.  I hope that does not become the norm.
This journal entry cracks me up! When I go back and read them, it makes me realize just how far that I have come.  Talk about NO CLUE.  I had no idea what was on the horizon.  Life was going to get crazier and bumpier.  I am having a blast looking back at all of my journals, it is kind of sweet how clueless I was.

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