Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scrappy Do

Hello blogland.  I am not neglecting you, but I have had a looooooooooong week filled with ER visits for one child, and multiple doctor visits for 2 others with strep throat and my knee is swollen the size of a grapefruit.  On top of that, we had 2 snow days, one of which included my hubby.  I haven't accomplished a whole lot this week.  My list of "to do's" is long and unchecked.   I am supposed to go on a scrapbook weekend this friday, and as usual the family is falling apart just in time for the guilt to set in.  You know what I am talking about.  That voice inside that says, "you don't deserve to go anywhere young lady, you have five other lives counting on you".  The voice gets louder and louder with each day closer to my leaving.  If you are a scrapper, you know the preparation that goes into one of these weekends.  I haven't even started to prepare.  I am having those thoughts about whether it is worth it to even go.  It is so much work, just to get away.  Think about it.  If your hubby wants to go have a drink after work, he just picks up the phone and calls you to check if it is ok.  As soon as he hangs up that phone, his work is done.  If we want to go have a drink with some friends, we have to cover finding a babysitter because hubby can't get home in time, dig up the cash to pay the babysitter.  Then come up with a plan for dinner for the kids to eat.  Get prettied up.  While out, you get multiple phone calls from the babysitter, between sips, you are educating the babysitter on sibling rivalry.  You look at your watch the whole time.  All That is just to have a drink.  Imagine a weekend away.  That is where I am at right it all worth it?  My kids have basketball tournaments and birthday party sleepovers this weekend and the two other kids hate going to basketball tournaments and let's face it......they have been sick all week.  I know that I deserve to get away, but how do I do it without the guilt?  That is my question.  I will go.  I will have fun.  I do love these weekends, because I do need breaks.  Plus, I get to look at the little houligans faces all weekend in pictures, without the drama.  Wish me luck!

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  1. You do it because you deserve it. You do all the time knowing your kids will be all that more excited to see your smiling face when you come home energized and rested from your weekend away. You do it knowing that I will help Jerry happily every step of the way! The Seguin's are all over it, we will divide and conquer. Love you Amy, have a great time this weekend :)


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