Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things happen for a reason, don't you think??

Hello there.  I had an interesting day yesterday.  I thought that I would share.  First, a little background info.

In August of 2010, I had an accident in my 2006 Chrysler Town and Country Mini Van (affectionately known as"The Roach Coach" in our community).  Anyways, in the car with me were 3 of my 4 children.  Two of them were in the back of the van, one in the middle.  All were in their proper boosters and seat belts.  We were rear ended by a Ford Focus at 55 miles per hour while we were at a complete stop.  It was scary.  I saw it coming, but the kids did not.  I was looking in the rear view mirror and I could see that the Focus was coming fast.  After the impact, I opened my eyes to look in the rear view mirror to see the kids, and the mirror was gone.....I was scared to look back.  As a mother, I had always wondered how my kids would fare in an accident if they were seated in the back.  My daughter was hysterically crying.  I looked back and to my surprise.....they all looked fine.  Shaken up, but fine.  Thank you Chrysler!  You protected my children.  My point?  Well, although the children were in good shape, I suffered whiplash and some banged up knees.  One knee has a torn lateral meniscus.  So, today is Wednesday, and two days ago, on Monday morning, I found out that my surgery to repair it would be yesterday (Tuesday).  I had one day to get things in order.  Tuesdays around our house are busy.  Jacob has basketball after school, Cameron had a swim meet (his first ever), and they all had school.  So, thus began what us Mom's typically have to go through to get everything in order so that I could take care of "myself".  First, I dropped the 4 year old off to stay over night at my mom and dad's house. Jerry needed to take the day off of work to go with me.  Someone had to be there after school for the, I called my mom and dad in law to cover after school, and basketball and swimming.  Now, I just had to organize the house for me to recover and set Jerry up to handle everything for a few days.  All set, right?  Wrong!!  That Monday night I put everyone to bed, ate my last food before midnight and went to bed at 11:30.  At 11:35 I heard someone "barfing" in the bathroom.  Unfortunately, I would never sleep a wink that night due to that child continuing to puke until 10:00am the next day. I needed to regroup and adjust a few things.  Get mom in law to come earlier, since my daughter stayed home from school sick.  I called a dear friend to take Jacob to basketball and back home. and my dad in law will go to the swim meet.  Everything is covered. I was exhausted, but I kept thinking, that during the surgery, I would get some sleep. My in laws arrived about 12:00pm on Tuesday and Jerry and I hopped into the car and headed to surgery. I thought to myself, well, it was hectic getting here, but I am finally here and ready to go.  I was in my cute little hospital gown, pulse ox on, the nurse was ready to put my IV in and doctor came bursting in to say that "WAIT, we can't do it, because her urine culture showed a UTI (urinary tract infection).  Oy!  I was so deflated.  I thought, "are you trying to tell me something, God??"   All the obstacles had been overcome, and yet, it is still not going to happen.  It took me a few hours to get over the frustration of it all.  I won't lie to you, on that hour ride home from the hospital, I was having a pity party.  Why, why, why?  Jerry tried to boost my spirits, but no luck.

When we arrived home, the house was a bustle as expected.  I shifted gears and was happy that I would get to see Cameron's first swim meet.  He was so excited.  He has always loved swimming, but wasn't interested in the whole team/competition thing.   Jerry and I had been trying to convince him the past year, to try out for the team.  Finally, this winter, he decided to try out and he made the team.  Jerry and I know nothing about swim meets, so it would be a new experience for us.  Cameron was to be in 6 races that night.  Two relays and and 4 fifty meter races.  Cameron has great form, but is working on his speed.  He would be last place in most of his races that night, but that was ok with him.  He lives in the moment.  In his last race, he was in lane one, which was closest to the bleacher stands where we were sitting.  At this point, he had already swum 250 meters collectively from the other races.  He was near the finish.  I looked down at him in that pool swimming in last place and giving it every bit that he had in him and I felt like I was in that pool with him.  My whole body filled with pride and tears coming to my eyes in awe of this little boy.  His pride was for the finish, not the place.  As his fingertips touched the board at the finish line, I heard the crowd clapping for him and in that moment, I thought, "ok, God. I get it.  This is where I was suppose to be in this moment.  Not in surgery.  Knowing that I might have missed that moment when his little face emerged from the water, with a beaming smile, full of pride, makes me thankful that my surgery date got screwed up. I looked at Jerry sitting next to me and he said, "maybe, things are as they were suppose to be".  Another moment we shared together which reminds us....we are so lucky to share in the lives of these amazing children.  "Things happen for a reason, don't you think???  Let go and let God.

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