Friday, March 4, 2011

I have nothing PINK!

Jerry and I sat in the hospital room that the nurses gave us and looked at each other.  They said that we could stay as long as we would like.  It is amazing in that quiet time how much it hits you......we are taking this baby home.  It was then that I remembered....I have nothing PINK.  She has to have PINK.  Right?  Then, I remembered that since time was running out on our one year home study, I started getting rid of things that I NOW would need.     We are not prepared to bring a baby home.  Yikes!  My mind started racing.  It is now 10:00pm and we are at the hospital.  The kids are at home with Grandma (thank GOD for grandmas).  We need to get a plan together.  We would need to do some bedroom shuffling.  We need to get the crib out of the attic.  We need to get physicals.  Diapers.  WE NEED DIAPERS. We have to call everyone we know and tell them about our little girl.  They will all be Shocked Again!  Although, I would imagine that Jerry and I can't really shock anyone anymore. LoL. 

So, we kissed our little angel and left her with the nurses, so we could go and GET READY.  On our way home, I called my best buddy and told her all about Amanda.  She had a new daughter as well, and would understand my elation.  Jerry called his brothers and a few friends.  Everyone kept saying the same should write a book, this is amazing.  I realize that to everyone else, this is crazy, but to us it is the "norm".  This is all we know.  This is how babies come in to our life.  We get the call, jump in the car, pick a name, sign the dotted line, immediately fall in love and then head home to prepare. 

When I arrived Mom grabbed me and hugged me so tight.  It was the best hug I ever had.  I really wanted a daughter, but didn't think that I would ever have one. My relationship with my mother is so beautiful and it was a dream to maybe, share that  same kind of bond with a daughter.  Now I will get that chance.  
My two favorite girls, my beautiful mother and my beautiful daughter.

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