Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We said, YES!

October 2004
It's 8:08pm, and Jerry stepped away to get us both a coffee.  It could be a long night.  I can hear so many different sounds buzzing around me.   I still haven't been able to catch my breath.  I feel so nervous.  The nurses are looking in and pointing at me.  This all feels so strange.  I keep thinking back to earlier today.  I was running around all day with the boys getting ready for Halloween.   It's only a few days away.  We had a blast looking for everything that we needed.  They both love Halloween so much.  What kid doesn't?  Jerry and I still love Halloween like when we were kids.  Yep, we sure are lucky to have these two in our lives. 

Jerry sure is taking a long time with those coffees.  Where is he?  I don't want to sit here alone.  What if she comes back to the waiting room and he isn't back yet?  That would be the worst.  He can't miss this.  I told him not to be long.  Every time I heard that "Ding" and the elevator doors opened, I looked and .....nope, not Jerry.  I am in this little waiting room all by myself.  Suddenly, there she was standing in the door, with this HUGE grin on her face....It's A Girl!!!!  I lept out of my chair and dove into our social workers arms and we hugged for what seemed like forever.  "Where's Jerry"?, she said.  Oh my gosh, he missed it.  One minute later, here he came, two coffees in hand and he said, "I was right, wasn't I?? It's a girl"?  He called it.  He is always so calm, cool and collected.  On the way to the hospital, he said, I have a feeling that you better pick a girls name.  I had only chosen a boys name, because I was sure that it would be another boy.  Yes, once again, we received one of those crazy phone calls that would change our lives forever.  Jacob and Cameron's birthmother once again found herself pregnant and unable to care for this child on the way.  So we hopped into our car and headed to the hospital to welcome baby number three.  This was the first time that we would have the chance to arrive at the hospital before the baby was born.  WOW.  What an amazing experience for us.  One that we will forever cherish. Once we settled down from all of the excitement, I asked if we would get to see her soon.  We were told to sit tight for just a bit and they would let us know.  My body was filled with excitement and at the same time, I was so scared to take it all in.  A girl.  Whoa!  Didn't see that coming. 

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