Friday, April 8, 2011

Am I Crazy?

Wow.  Today, someone asked me, "how can you share such tender moments about your family with the public"?  She said, "I could never do THAT to my family".

Whether she could understand it or not.  This is what I said.  My pain went so deep when I was going through infertility.  Sometimes, I thought that I would never be happy again.  Surgeries, shots, medications.  Negative pregnancy tests.  Miscarriages.  When you are in it, you feel loss of control of your life.  Your life has become about...getting pregnant.  Through it, I realized that...the getting pregnant part was actually a small part of the whole process of becoming a parent.  Once that nine months was over, we were all in the same boat, no matter where the babies came from.  My reason for sharing my story is simple.  To let women and men know that, yes, the process is painful and sometimes, we can change directions and follow another road, such as adoption.  In the end....we are parents searching for a child to matter how you get there.  It doesn't matter whether she understood me or not....there are people out there who do.


  1. So true Amy. You are a very strong, brave mother, wife and woman to be able to open yourself up like you have - I am certain there are more people out here that are inspired and learn from you and your journey and your incredible family! Keep up the writing and sharing - I know I enjoy it. Love you! Angie

  2. Thanks Ange. I honor you as well with my blog. Anyone connected to adoption who has respect for the process and for what courage it takes to be on either side of it, is who I hope to touch with my blog.


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