Friday, April 29, 2011

"Can't Wait to Share" Moment

Today, I had one of those moments where you are provoked to experience many different emotions all in about 30 seconds, and I thought to myself  I "Can't wait to share" this.

This morning, like many mornings, I was taking my Benjamin to preschool and on the way, I stopped off at the local TIM HORTON's for a Butter Caramel Coffee with double sugar....cuz that's how I roll.  I was next to order, and I noticed that the truck in front of me, wasn't pulled up far enough for me to get to the speaker, and of course, I thought to myself, "move up butthead". Lol.   I have learned not to say these things out loud in front of my little sweetheart, since he has the BIGGEST ear drums EVER.  I looked in the side view mirror of that truck and I could see this man looking right back at me.  Ewe, it felt a little creepy.  Anyways, I finally got to order, and moved up to the window.  So, I am fumbling through my very organized wallet, haha, and I was dropping coins and feeling rushed.  This very chirpy 19 year old at the window, smiles and says, "The driver ahead of you, paid for your  coffee".  "Excuse me", I said.  She repeated very slowly, "your coffee has been paid for by the guy ahead of you." 

Very few people know that I just love surprises.  Those close to me, know that it is NOT easy to surprise me.  So, in that moment when I realized that someone had done something nice for me, I was befuddled.  Yes, I said Befuddled.  At first, I smiled and said to the chirpy teenager, "well, that's a first".    I drove away with an awkwardly dorky smile on my face, hoping that this person in the truck was loooooooong gone.  No such luck.  What do I do?  Wave?  Pretend that I don't see him?  I don't know how to act.  He could be a serial killer.  Right?  He could be hitting on me, right?  HeeHee.   My emotions went from surprise, to nervous, to scared, and back to surprise.  By then he was gone.

Here's a thought!  Maybe he did it just to be a kind human being.  Why is that so hard to accept.  Have I become hardened to the small random act of kindness?  Very sad.  I decided that, it felt weird, because, these things don't happen to me very often with random strangers. I have many friends and family who are kind to me everyday, but this was truly a new experience.  I decided to embrace the experience positively and decided that I would pay it forward. Once I did, I wished that I had waved to that man in that truck to say thanks. 

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