Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Minute to Win it

 Wow.  Nothing like an INSANE morning to take your mind off the sadness in your heart.  Sometimes our mornings feel like I am a contestant on Minute to Win it.  Picture back is killing me due to a flippin car accident 8 MONTHS ago, so I am operating on some serious muscle relaxers....I am not what I used to be, but that is a whole new blog for the future.  Everyone had issues this morning.  No one wanted anything that I offered for breakfast, and to be honest, I was offering up easy peasy stuff, due to time constraints. We packed lunches and I listened to moaning and groaning about them not wanting healthy stuff.  I hate packing lunches.  Only 1 of my kids will take a sandwich.  I struggle to be creative these days.  Muscle relaxers do that to your brain.   My daughter Amanda (6) could not line the seam of her sock up just right and my solution...go with no socks, but that was falling on deaf ears.  She's at the age that she, of course, knows WAY MORE that her "old" mom.  She was having no part of the cinnamon toaster waffles today.  Hey, in my defense.....I added butter and even put extra cinnamon on those baby's.  No go for her.  My 10 y/o Jacob had to lug in to school his poster board project in a garbage bag, since it was pouring down rain.  He also needed to bring in food to go with his project. Add the backpack, and we are now at the point, where we are really pushing him beyond what he will tolerate.  I offered to drive him to school, but for some reason, that would not be cool.  We must drag all of this stuff on the bus so that we can make mad faces at mom through the window.  My very responsible son Cameron (9), wanted to take his Lava Lamp to school to share with his classmates.  No Prob.  I wrapped it in a towel, gave him a special bag, but he was so nervous that he would break it, he very kindly asked me to drive him to school.  Ok, so I am going to school anyways.  On top of everything going on this morning, my 4 year old, is playing Mario Kart for Wii, and every time that he lost his race, he was yelling at the TV, "this is NOT fair",  and big giant tears came streaming down his very adorable face.   Needless to say, they all got off on their way, 2 rode the bus and one took the mom taxi.  I've nuked my coffee for the third time.  Time to breathe.

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