Friday, April 1, 2011

Mommy thoughts on baby girls birthday

Amanda's Journal entry dated October 2005 -  Happy Birthday my little one year old.  I can't believe how fast it has all gone.  In summation of your first year of life, I would say that you are a happy little girl.  You simply adore your big brothers and you manage to keep up with them quite well.  You are TOUGH.  It takes a lot to make you cry.  I would  call you "feisty".  Quite demanding at times, but very determined to learn to do everything on your own.  You are a loving baby with lots of kisses to give.    Everyday when Daddy comes home, you are the first one in his arms at the door. It sure makes him smile.  You are very close to your Poppa B.  He adores you.  He and Grammy just love to have you for sleepovers.  I will tell you little girl, that through you, I have realized just how much that my Daddy must have adored me.  I really had never thought about it.  Watching the way that he looks at you and and how he enjoys the moment when he is with you, makes me so happy that you have him.  It is like you and him have your own language.  I've never seen him light up like he does when he is with you.  He is a special man and you will always be able to count on him, No Matter What!!  When I think of all that we have been able to give to you in your little life, it is people like Poppa that I am the most happy about sharing with you.  Love - Mommy

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