Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sensory Process WHAT?????

Journal entry dated March 30, 2007 - Jacob's Journal - You are 6 years old now and quite an amazing little kindergartner.  You have had quite a year.  Your teacher has been very instrumental in getting you where you need to be.  We learned that you have something called SPD (Sensory Process Disorder).  It took a while to get with the right program, but you are in therapy with an occupational therapist.  You are going through what they call Sensory Integration.  They think, that birth, your Vestibular portion of your nervous system stopped developing due to traumatic birth or something during pregnancy.  I has caused you some difficulty with your fine motor skills and crossing mid line development.  We are having great success with the program.  Everything is improving.  I know that I am driving you crazy with all the exercises, brushing and the music stimulation, but it will make a huge difference in your life if we can over come the problems.  You are a very determined little boy.  You have an incredible ability to focus on the task at hand.  We shall conquer.
This was a difficult time for us.  Jacob was in therapy for 2 years at $100 per week.  Yeah.  Add that one up. Lol.  Just kidding.  It was worth all the sacrifice.  We loved our therapists, and they taught us a lot that we could do at home.  In the beginning when he was diagnosed, they scared me.  I had never heard of SPD.  We followed everything to the letter.  I was a "psycho mom", (just ask Jerry).  The one thing that I want to pass on to anyone else that may go through this, is this.  The therapists told me to steer him towards individual sports, because he would probably not be successful in team sports.  Unfortunately, his passions were for soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey and football.  We did not listen to that advice.  We did everything we could to encourage him to do it all.  Thank GOD we did.  He is a great athlete.  He just finished his first season of travel basketball and did fantastic.  He got his first 3 pointer in a game in the last game of playoffs.  He is starting his 4th season of soccer and was on 2 championship flag football teams in which he quarterbacked as well as other positions.  Yes, it was a struggle to get him there, but honestly, at this point, we see very few signs of the SPD anymore.   For information about SPD, visit Sensory Process Disorder Foundation .

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