Thursday, April 21, 2011


Journal entry dated April 21, 2011 - I am overwhelmed by the support that I have recieved from all of my mom friends....the ones that KNOW how hard the job of Mother is.  They know that I am pretty tough...usually.  I am down these days.  Life has thrown me a few curves lately and I am trying to be SUPERWOMAN.  I don't have the equipment to be SUPERWOMAN right now...and my friends reminded me that I don't have to be.  When you are a mother in a community, you develop different relationships with women.  Some, you are super close to and can always count on them.  Some, you reconnected with from the past and are great FB friends. Some, you just see at school and on the sport fields, but you know that in a pinch, they would be there for you.  Some, you can go have a drink with and vent all night and laugh your worries away. Some, you were in playgroups with when your kids were young and even though you are not in the same schools now, if you see them Target, you could stand there for hours and catch up while your youngest climbs the shelves of bedding.  True Story.  Some, you only see at the bus stop, but together you've watched each others kids grow from little kindergartners and you know that you can trust them with your children's lives.  Yes, there are all kinds.        I have all of them.          I   AM    LUCKY

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