Friday, April 15, 2011

Read Your Kids Faces

You know how you can read your kids faces, the minute you see them after being separated all day?  You can tell whether it was a good or a bad day.  You can tell whether they have a secret to tell or if someone hurt their feelings on the bus.  They can't hide any of it from you.  After four kids, I have gotten pretty good at it.  Well, today, one of my kids surprised me.  I had a difficult day today.  I received some news that was upsetting and I really had not had a chance to "really" process all of it by the time the bus was coming.  It was 3:57 and the bus arrived.  First off was my daughter Amanda and she was crying....I wasn't surprised, because her teacher had called me just before to tell me that Amanda had misplaced her soccer ball at school.  Hugs and kisses for Amanda.  Second off the bus was Jacob, who walked up to me, hugged me and then ran off with a friend.  Third off was my son Cameron.  Walking towards me, he said, "what's wrong Mom"......  I said, "nothing."  He said, "Mom, don't tell me nothing", I can see it in your eyes".  "You look sad".  This child knows his Mommy.  Of course, I didn't get into detail, but confirmed to him that I had difficult day, but assured him that it was nothing to worry about.  It made me feel good that he noticed and cared to ask.  I wasn't expecting that from a nine year old......boy.

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