Monday, May 23, 2011

...being adopted.

Kids go through so many things on a daily basis that challenge their confidence.  It is like a rollercoaster ride.  Some days, I think that I am not doing enough to help build my children's confidence in being adopted.  But at times, I worry that I am trying too hard and should just SHUT UP.  My 10 year old son J is quite good at letting me know the latter.  Its a look.  When I see that look, I just shrink and try to remember that I am an adoptive mother, but I can't possibly KNOW what it feels like to BE ADOPTED.  We can't just live in the glow of the 'wonderfulness of the adopting".  We must live in the reality of who they are and how much ...being adopted will define them.

Yesterday, I caught a glimpse of the complexity of this process.  My son did not want me to wear my "Adoption Rocks" sweatshirt to his soccer game. Two months ago, he thought it was a "sweet" sweatshirt.  I have always worn it proudly.  I love that sweatshirt.  But I love him more.  So until he is ready, the sweatshirt will lay low for a while.

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