Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Want to Know More

I must have called Jerry at least 2 more times before I got to the preschool. There was no hiding that there was something wrong, but I didn't want to talk to anyone about it, because, I would break down. I grabbed Amanda and bolted out the door, but before I could get into the car, a mom friend stopped me and asked what was wrong. All I could get out was "there is another baby and I don't know what to do". Then, I jumped in the car.

Before I even got out of the parking lot, my cell phone was ringing and as I looked down at the caller ID, I saw my very wonderful friends name. We will call her Monica. I picked it up immediately, since she has been there with me through 3 of my 4 adoptions and has been a great source of comfort for years. "I heard" was all she said. Wow. Now that is what I call News traveling fast. The mom in the parking lot called Monica immediately. I broke down at the sound of her voice. She listened, as good friends do. She understood my dilemma. After I settled down, she said, "Amy, just listen to me for a minute."

She reminded me of the time about a year ago, when she asked me for my agency information for a couple that she knew who was looking to adopt. Apparently, they signed up with our agency.

Monica told me that this couple, who we will call M&M, just recently had to give a baby back, because their birthmother changed her mind. I cannot even imagine that horror.

Through my own pain and uncertainty, I began to feel great compassion for this couple, who I know nothing about, but I could feel their pain. I wanted to know more.

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