Tuesday, May 3, 2011

No Stone Unturned

If I had been able to be pregnant and deliver a child, I know that I would have taken the utmost care during my pregnancy.  Eat right.  Do everything the doctors told me. Prenatal vitamins, etc.  That is why it is so hard to not get frustrated about the fact that my kids weren't given their best shot at a healthy life, by starting in the womb.  Our birthmother did not seek prenatal care throughout her pregnancies with all four of my kids.  Like I said, I can't dwell on it, because I had no control, but it is a source of anguish when I know that some difficulties, that they are dealing with,  may have stemmed from the pregnancy care.  Fortunately, there hasn't been anything serious, with the exception of Jacobs SPD (Sensory Process Disorder) and Benny's Asthma.  He deals with Virus Induced Asthma.  We have had 9 visits to the ER for Asthma, 2 bouts of RSV, one hospitalization with RSV and Pneumonia and endless battles with medications.  My point is this...we all love our children and want to protect them, so it starts the day that you find out from that little + sign on a stick.  That is a luxury that most adoptive parents do not get to have.  Maybe that is why, I will leave no stone unturned when it comes to my children's health.    I make my husband nutz, but I am driven.

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