Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4 minus 1 equals BOYS DAY out with MOM!

I have 4 very cool children. Three growing boys and one little girl. If you were to ask the girl, she would tell you that, the boys rule the house. If you ask the boys, they would tell you that their sister is Queen of the Castle.  I of course, am the lowly servant who stays out of the way as often as possible. Our little missy was invited away to her grandmas for few days and the boys got big ideas on how to dominate mommies attention for an afternoon. They decided that today would be "mommie and sons DAY out".  I pulled up my bootstraps and we hit the road.  Cooler packed with drinkables and eatables, of course.

We started out with them requesting to play games on my IPAD. Normally, that is a NO NO.  Never touch mommies IPAD.  I told them Ok, but I warned them not to breathe a word of it to "you know who" (daddikins would not approve).  As I drove, I heard laughing and boy banter.  If you have one of these things called boy, you know what I mean.  All conversations have at least one of these words:  poop, crap or crud.  Of course, it is fun for them to make fun of mommie....and her music and who knows what they are taking pics of back there with my IPAD....suddenly, I heard someone say "our mom is cool".  AW..shucksies, I am blushing.

 After a few errands in the BEAST. That is our minivan. I knew that the first stop would be food related of course. Three growing boys.  Where did they want to go?? Taco Bell. Why does that not surprise me. We haven't been there in eons. Naturally, feeling generous today, I said that they could get whatever they wanted. No Holds Barred. My 5 year old tackled the XXL Stuffed Burrito. It was hysterical. He didn't quite get it all down, but not because he didn't try.  My 10 and 9 year olds had no trouble.  Of course.

Next, since today was 90 degrees here, we opted for swimming with my best friend Lisa and her two boys at their house. It was a good idea, but it wasn't long before the pool experience turned into He said, He said battles. Oy. We even had to battle a few hornet nests. Five big bad tough boys screaming like little girls for their mommies...love it. All in all, it was a great day with the boys. We topped it off with a Manly Pizza (every meat known to man) and now we're about to hang out with dad for the evening.

I cannot tell you how much that I enjoyed this fabulous day with my boys. I sure missed my little girlie, but with four kids, it gets difficult to find that one-on-one time for each kid. You dream about one-on-one time when you are planning your family. I absolutely LOVE having a big family, and I thoroughly enjoy each of them, but it can be tough on them getting their time with Mom and Dad.  Just removing one of the four kids from any situation, can make a difference. 

I better go fix a snack, since the vultures are once again circling the refrigerator.  BOYS!! Bottomless pits.  That's what they are. But, I love'em to pieces.

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  1. Awesome blog post. I feel the same in the summer; what to do...what to do? Luckly, we have entered into our local library program so reading is our main focus.
    Glad to connect with you via Bloggy Moms.
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