Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lost in Shuffle

 My ten year old is inching his way towards puberty and of course
in his mind, I am a dork, he feels that I don't understand him and I am the root of all unrest in his life. My nine year old is currently struggling with insomnia. I don't know what to do about it. We have tried reading and everyone and their brother has a solution for us to try. So far nothing is working. He is a very emotional child and worries deeply about all who he loves. MY grandfather and my husbands grandmother are both struggling with their health, so he lays there worrying that when he wakes up, there could be bad news. He is very close to both of them. My six year old little missypoo is a handful. She is spunky. She of course knows way more than me. Lol.  She is a constant source of drama. All that said, I adore them all, but my little 5 year old is getting lost in this tornado of big brothers and big sister. He is desperately trying to get somebody's attention. When I tucked him in tonight, it kinda hit me.....

The whole day went by and I could not remember any conversations with him. Well, you know, beyond, "put your shoes on, wipe your mouth, or get in TIME OUT".  Sadness overcame me. He is five. That is a precious age. He is about to embark on his first year of elementary school. I am going to have to wave to my baby boy through a bus window soon. I am not ready. He is my baby.  In this moment I learned that, I have to stop and take inventory once in a while.  We all get caught up in hustle bustle of daily life and forget to look around and make sure that we are making contact with each child, heart to heart, hand to hand, soul to soul.  No more lost in the shuffle.  Tomorrow will be different.

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