Friday, September 2, 2011

The Game of LIFE

I must share a great moment with you.  My nine year old, who is quite the intelligent child.... Lord knows, he didn't get it from me.  That is adoption humor, in case you are wondering. ha ha.  Anyways, he has had many questions lately.  They run the gamut from, "Am I Polish?" to ......"do birthmom's change their minds about adoption?". 

Lately, I just wear my Adoptive Mom Armor and charge right in to the gauntlet of adoption questions from my children.  I joke, but, you have to.  A sense of humor is required for this job.  Anytime they ask if they can have "a private talk" at bedtime with me, I excuse myself briefly and run into my room, take a deep breath and then.....head back bedside.  I am not nervous about their questions, I just like to be relaxed when we have these talks.  As I said at the beginning, he is very smart and difficult to give vague answers to.  With him, I must be prepared for 20 questions and bucket loads of why's.

His favorite game to play with  me is LIFE.  Ironically, that was my favorite board game as a child.  It is one of his top two favorites, Monopoly being the other.  So, the other night he asks me, "where would I be if Daddy and you didn't show up to adopt me?".  I said,, "there would have been another very nice family who would  have adopted you".  He says, "but, they wouldn't have been the right family for me for my whole life, and where would my brothers and my sister be?"

I told you this gets complicated.

I told him, that they could possibly have been with adopted with him, or with other families.  I explained the my belief was that God brought us together on purpose.  He looked at me and said, " I guess that I sure am glad that God made a miracle happen and got us all together".  He wiped a tear from his face and said, "God knew Mom, that only you, would be the right mom for all four of us."

One of my many blessings in the game of LIFE

A few days later, my very intelligent, insightful, beautiful son said to me while we were playing a game of LIFE, "you know MOM, I know now that it was a miracle that you found all of us, because in the game of LIFE, most people only want two kids. 

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  1. "Adoptive Mom Armor" - I will remember that. Thank you!


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