Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Teen: his Adoption

As I navigate through my first adopted child becoming a teenager, I am constantly trying to find articles about teens and adoption from those who came before me. That said, no two kids are the same in this world of "Being Adopted".  I stumbled on to this cool article from, Teens on Adoption: In their OWN words. I found it very comforting to read the thoughts from kids in their teens.  My teenager isn't much of a talker, so when he does, I pay very close attention.  Lately, I have been assuming that no talking must mean that something is wrong or he is in turmoil.  When he was young, he asked a lot of questions about his adoption and birthparents until he hit 5th grade and then he became more private about it. He is happy too respond to his friends when they ask questions. But at 13, he stays pretty private about it., and pretty much everything else in his life, lol. I am respecting that. I guess he's just the typical teenager finding his way through the world of growing up. I guess my point is that, be sure to lay the ground work when they are small. Build their confidence in "Being Adopted". Be that rock for them. They are experiencing something that YOU can't explain to them. THEY are adopted, NOT YOU. Listen to them. Hold them. Respect them.  It's not about YOU! Note to self.

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