Monday, March 28, 2011


It's been a long week.  Many things are going on.  Jacob finished his Travel Basketball Season yesterday, and he got his first 3 pointer in a game.  It was an awesome moment in which I am so glad that I did NOT miss.   Cameron's swimming finished their season last week and he recieved his first 1st place ribbon...I've never seen such pride in his big brown eyes.  Moments to never forget.  My little Amanda discovered that even though there are people in the world that drive you crazy, you can still feel compassion for them in times of trouble.  I have never been more proud of her.  She struggled all year with a little boy that had behavioral issues.  No matter how bad he acted, she would say, "it's ok, Mommy, he can be better, today was just a bad day for him."  When no one else would be his partner, she would step up.  She is SIX.  He had to move to Texas last weekend, because of divorce and was flying alone.  She came home from school in tears.  She was so worried about how he was going to feel while alone on the plane.  This is the same child who came home in tears from the mean things that he did to her.  She is amazing and is a constant reminder to me, that we all can learn to be more patient with those who are struggling in life. 

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