Thursday, June 26, 2014

Adoption: Tragedy and Privelege

This quote has embodies my state of mind as an adoptive mother  for years now. I've never found another that speaks the truth of my heart so wholly.

The tragedy for her is the loss of raising her child. The tragedy for the child is the morning the loss and longing for that biological connection. The tragedy for me is that I can't change their tragedy.

The privilege is mine. I was chosen to be all that she felt she could not give him. I have the privilege of showing him how to love, how to BE loved and to rise above the challenges that we have in OUR path. No, I can never take away either of their pain from their tragedy, but this child will go off into the world knowing he was cherished and we respected HIS beginning and we honored his truth.

❤️Mommie or Bust!


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