Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beautiful Baby Boy

May 2006

The ride to the hospital was the same as the other 3 times.  Exciting.  Once again, we talked about names.  I was wondering...would he look like Jacob and Amanda, fair skinned, light hair and blue eyes? Or, would he have dark eyes and lots of hair like Cameron did.  I wondered if we would get to see "her" this time.  Actually, this time, I was hoping that we would not see her.  The agency said that she was really eager to get out of the hospital.  It is probably because after each birth, they try to convince her to get her tubes tied.  She does not want to.  Her reasons are her own and no one should tell her how to feel, but I must say that at this point, I am concerned about her well being and how she can keep going through this.

When we got to the hospital, we were greeted once again by an amazing nursing staff who was thrilled to see us.  As I was guided to the nursery, my heart rate went up at the anticipation of seeing my new little sweetheart.  A surge of heat raced through my body.  There he was......big blue eyes, lots of dark brown hair and the most beautiful olive skin I had ever seen.  Oh my goodness, he is BEAUTIFUL.  He was a combination of all three of his older brothers and sister.  I couldn't wait to get my hands on him.  They sat me in a white rocking chair in the nursery and placed him into my arms and all at once, I was overcome with emotion.   It was then that I knew that this moment was meant to be and he was where he was supposed to be....in his mommy's arms.  I looked down and with my shaking thumb, I rubbed his little cheek and said, "hi Benjamin, welcome to our world".

Meet our Baby Benjamin

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