Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Journal entry dated November 11, 2000 - I am still in SHOCK.  Shaking. My stomach feels like I am in an airplane and we are experiencing turbulence.  Today is Veterans Day and since Jerry had the day off, we decided to go hang out with Jerry's parents and maybe do a little Christmas shopping.  We were sitting on the couch chatting when the phone rang.  My mother in law answered it and came around the corner from the kitchen and whispered to me, "its the adoption agency".  She says, "they said they have been looking for you".  I told her to "RELAX, we finished our home study yesterday and they probably have a question for us."

I picked up the phone and said "Hello".  The next few minutes, I would be silent and frozen in my footsteps, for fear that I may be misunderstanding our Social workers words.  "We have a baby boy here at the hospital and the mother has selected you and Jerry to become the adoptive parents."  Not sure that I was hearing her correctly, I motioned to Jerry, to get his flippin butt over by me and listen to this.  His eyes bugged out of his head, and then he collected himself and put his hand on top of mine in order to calm me down.  When emotions rise up inside me, I tend to not hear anything can imagine how emotional I was feeling right now.  She was giving me instructions and all I kept hearing in my head was....we have a baby boy here.....we have a baby boy here.  What????? Are you kidding me?  Aren't we supposed to get selected and then have a few months before the baby comes.   Our social workers said, "This is was is called a baby drop".  A mother comes into the hospital in labor with no adoption plan in place.  At that point, the hospital contacts an agency to come in and consult with her and get a plan together.  Our agency got the call in the middle of the night, because they were the only agency that was available 24/7.  Most other agencies close Friday at 5:00 until Monday morning and are not available in the middle of the night.  Another example of how committed Forever Families, is to the process!  They took all of the adoptive families scrapbooks in with them for her to view and she chose us. WoW!

So, we gathered our thoughts.  First, we needed to go home.  On the ride home, I asked Jerry, "what are we going to name him?  He gave me a look, that I immediately understood.  The look said, "lets not jinx it by getting ahead of ourselves".  This could all fall through.  Up popped those protective walls that you build around you when you go through this.  After that, I don't think either one of us said another word on that hour drive home. Once home, we started trying to figure out where we could go get our physicals.....immediately.  We can't take a baby home unless all the details are finalized.  Fortunately, we had picked up a used cradle along the way, so Jerry assembled it.  We figured out where to get physicals, but it would not happen until tomorrow morning.  Our social worker said that we needed to be at the hospital at 12:30pm tomorrow to "sign the papers".  We headed out to Mejier's for a "get what we need" run.  We were there until Midnight.  We had a blast.  We were exhausted. It was time to get a good night sleep.  Right, that's gonna happen.

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  2. Love, love, love your blogs Amy - this gave me goosebumps reading this entry:) Love you!!!

  3. How exciting! Hurry and tell us more!

  4. I don't think I will make until tomorrow..... Want to what happened next

  5. Your story is like a wonderful book that I can't put down. I await every new entry with excitement. Amazing!


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