Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mommy

Today is a celebration of mothers everywhere.  I am blessed with an amazing mother as well as a lovely mother in law who treats me as if I were her own.  The list is long and endless on how many great things that I could say about my mommy, but I want to share the most important thing that she ever gave me as mother.  No matter what the time of my life or the situation that we were in, my mother always listened with an open heart.   In my mind, I could not surprise her with the level of mischief that I would get into.  I could not say anything mean enough to rattle her.  No sex question through her off guard.  She was my rock.  I am sure that inside she wanted to lambaste me a few times, but she always exhibited great self control.  I admire her for that, because as a mother, I now know just how hard that was.  Through the years, I must say that I challenged her self control quite a bit, especially in the 15 -17 year old time frame, but she never showed signs of breaking.  

Now, as the grandmother of my children,  I am amazed how easy it is for her to just throw it ALL OUT THE WINDOW.  What the hell happened to that woman that I grew up with????  She lets my kids just bulldoze her right down.   lol

I am just kidding.   Anyways, today I celebrate my mentor, my friend, my confidante and most mommy.  I love you MOM.

Mother's Day 2011


  1. Remember for all the peace you saw in me and any of the light that my journey shed to yours, it was the Grace of God that was within me teaching me to be your mother.

  2. Happy Mother's Day

    A new fan here from the Finding New Friends Hop Week 6, now following you on GFC as GraceandMe :)

  3. What a beautiful post - such a touching tribute to your mother! Hope you BOTH had a wonderful day! :D


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